Some tips on how to trade in Rocket League

While Rocket League is a very fun game in itself, it is also has another side of the game, this side is referred to as trading. Trading in Rocket League is something almost everyone will do while playing the game but only few take the time and effort to actually get a collection of items and decals. In Rocket League their is a large variety of different customizability options for the players car or even animations for when the player scores, this is what makes it especially fun and exciting when you get a item you have been wanting.

1. Know exactly what you want

If you see something that you want or like you’re going to want to research that item and figure out how much it costs to trade for or to buy. Some items are more rare even if they are just a different color or variant so make sure you look for the exact item you want.

2. Figure out the price

Some items are cheap while others are super expensive, so you have to make sure how much the item is and how much you’re willing to pay for it or trade for it. To figure out the price or value of a item you can use a variety of websites and even people to figure item prices, how to get the item, and even what people have it and are willing to trade.

3. Find reliable player to trade with

Finding people to trade with is quite easy to do especially with discord and other forms of communication or even social medias. Many group chats or accounts have been made on discord and social medias for all rocket league players to trade safely.

4. Only pay what the item is worth

When you look up how much a item is worth make sure you cross reference it with other websites or people to make sure you aren’t over paying or under paying. Some people will try to overprice the item and if that is the case your best option is to leave and find a new trading partner.

5. Don’t get scammed

Scamming in Rocket League is not something that usually happens very often but when it does happen it is usually because of new traders or a glitch of some sort. Another thing that can happen in Rocket League is getting hacked through a un-secure or unknown website, if you have to sign in with steam on a website it might be trying to scam you.

If you really want to get good at Rocket League trading you are going to want to commit the time and effort to learn the basics and how you trade. If you don’t want to get scammed or over pay you just have to do your research and use common sense because most of the traders on Rocket League are either professionals or newbies. Trading in Rocket League is a fun aspect of the game that some people don’t take advantage of, hopefully you can use these tips and get better at trading and grow your inventory.

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