How to get started with Rocket League

Rocket League is basically soccer but instead of a person kicking a ball, you are in a car ramming into the ball. You also have a booster on your car that allows you to fly, go a lot faster, and even go up walls. Rocket League was released in 2015 and is loved by many people, it has upwards of 100,000 recurring players every day and it is very popular on PS4, PC, and Xbox.

When you first load up Rocket League you are going to start the tutorial and this will show you the basics like movement, controls, and so on. After this you are going to want to do the other tutorials that it allows you to do, these will get you better at certain skills more than anyone else at your level like aerials for example, these are pretty hard to learn especially if you are brand new to the game.

Another thing you should do is go through your settings and change them to your liking this help you play better, it will also all depend on if you are on PC, Xbox, or Ps4 so keep that in mind. If you want to get good at Rocket League you are going to want to commit the time and effort to get better just like every other game. Videos and tutorials are all over the internet and can help you progress in certain skills and even teamwork, these can help you a lot and really make you understand a bunch of topics and how the game works.

Since Rocket League is a pretty basic game that can be grasped by most, this means that basic videos and tutorials can teach you how to play better. If you really want to get better at Rocket League though you are going to have to commit the effort and time to do it, you can even go as far to try and learn from better players or even pros if you they agree to help you or play with you. Rocket League, like any other game is way more fun when you are good at it, this gives you more of a reason to commit and maybe even try to help others get better too.

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