Step 1

After opening Steam you will want to click on “Community” and then “Market”, this will take you to the Market page where you can sell and buy items from almost any game on steam.

Step 2

Pressing the “Show More” or “Show advanced options…” will allow you to see every game that allows for cosmetics or specific items for specific games.

Step 3

If you want to buy a cosmetic or in-game item you can click on the item and either buy the item if you do not own it or sell the item if you own it and no longer want it, you are able to price it however you want but steam does take a fee.

Step 4

You will also be able to scroll down and check the statistics and history of the item, to better determine the value at which you should buy or sell the item, these in depth charts can help show you whether a item has gained any value or lost value is worth selling or buying.

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