In Rainbow Six Siege there is almost a unlimited amount of ways you can play the game and players are still coming up with ways to do so. There is couple different play styles that are normal these include.

  • Roamers
  • Anchors
  • Close-Roamers
  • Above Players
  • Below Players

These are what you will usually see a normal ranked game and even in pro-league. Roaming means leaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt or flank the attacking team, when you roam your main objective is to waste time. Time is a key part of siege whether that is pro-league level gameplay where it usually comes down to the wire every round or ranked where it is something that usually doesn’t get considered. Anchoring is a key part of siege, anchoring is when a op usually a 3 armor or 2 speed stays on objective and prevents the plant or a rush into site. Anchors are important for that exact reason especially in casual or low level ranked games, people can rush into site with Ash or IQ and plant or kill your entire team when trying to go back to site. Another type of roaming that some people play is called Close-Roaming this is when someone plays near the objective either in a room next-door to the objective or a staircase also close to the objective, the whole point is to roam near the site and slow the attackers down and if they push you, you can fall back to site. Next is a above and below player, these players will blow holes in the roof or floor and shoot down or up depending on where the site is. They can blow holes in the floor and shoot people below them trying to get into site, attackers also do this strategy with certain sites.


  • Doc
  • Rook
  • Echo
  • Maestro
  • Mira
  • Kaid
  • Smoke
  • Clash

These are all some Operators that come to mind when you are wanting to anchor in site but almost all of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege can be played as anchors so this is just a few. There is only 2 characters that are meant for roaming and they are the following.

  • Vigil
  • Caveira

Close-roaming characters can basically include anybody wether that it is a three speed or a one speed, it all depends on how you play and what operator you need that round. Playing above and below would be most effective with a shotgun, impacts, c4, or some other type of information or explosive device. This is so you can deny the planting of the bomb with a c4 or just shooting through the floor or roof. Some useful characters for above and below play include the following.

  • Pulse
  • Valkyrie
  • Echo
  • Castle
  • Lesion

The reason I put Echo and Valkyrie on this list is because their ability allows for you and your team to use this information to play above or below even better. The cameras that Valkyrie and Echo have will allow you to scan or mark the enemy and after that you just shoot where the ping is and you will kill the person planting. Echo also will allow you to cancel it without even having to shoot, you can just use the yokai drone and stun the person planting which will then stop them from getting the plant.

Every operator in siege can be played in which ever way you want which is the awesome thing about Rainbow Six Siege. The characters I listed above are just some of the easiest operators to play in that role or area. You can play however and where ever you want on a map, just make sure it is smart and you have a escape plan if you get cornered.

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