How to Create And Share A Spotify Playlist

Step 1

If you want to create a playlist that you or your friends can listen too or enjoy, you will first want to create a playlist. You can either press the “New Playlist” button that appears on the left hand side when on PC or go into your library and press “Create Playlist” on mobile.

Step 2

When adding a song to your playlist you will want to go to the soundtrack and click on the option tab, it will then show a drop down menu that will show the “Add to Playlist” button and give you options on which playlist you want to add the song too.

Step 3

If you find your way to your playlist you will be able to click on the settings and get a lot of options to share and edit your playlist. If you have “Spotify +” you will also get more options, that will make it easier to share and spread your music or music preferences.

Step 4

The easiest way to share your playlist is to click the “Share” button, their you will be able to find a bunch of different options to share via social media or through linking it to your friends or family.

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