Rust is many things but simple is definitely not one of those things. Electricity, raiding, and base building all contribute to the games uniqueness but also make it a very difficult game to learn and especially master. Electricity is something that a lot of players don’t use but in reality is quite simple if you understand some key concepts and how it works. There is a lot of electrical components in Rust that are more complex than others but the are all pretty self explanatory after some finicking. Only the basic electrical components and tips will be shown through out this page.

Wire Tool

A tool used to make connections between electrical objects. Aim at an object and click on an input/output handle. you can then click on another object’s input/output handle to form a connection. holding right mouse will clear or cancel a connection.

Rechargeable Battery (Large, Medium, Small).

A (Large, Medium, Small) Rechargeable Battery must have a minimum charge of 5 seconds to discharge. Can be wired in series. Charging rate is dependent on power in, with a maximum of 80% efficiency.

Large Solar Panel

A solar panel which converts sunlight into energy. The amount of energy generated is dependent on the sun’s intensity and angle to the panel.


Converts kinetic energy harvested from the wind into electricity. Amount generated will vary depending on wind speed. Higher altitudes will yield stronger winds.

Electrical branch

This object allows you to branch power off from a main line by a set amount.


A simple electric switch.


Splits an electrical signal into 3 multiple signals. the amount passed through is equal to the input amount divided by the number of used output slots.


This automated electric sentry turret will engage and neutralize any moving targets it has line of sight to. You must equip it with a projectile weapon and the corresponding ammunition. Note : The turret will search for targets in a 180 degree arc facing *you* when you place it. Requires 10 power

These are just some of the most common and easiest components to use while learning how to do electricity in rust but there is a lot more, and these different parts allow you to do different things that more complex and efficient. Electricity can be very simple or very confusing and hard depending on what you are trying to accomplish or make more simple. To figure out how to use these components you can use a website called rustrician, this website can really help you improve your electrical skills and help you learn the more complex side of rust electricity.

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