PUBG is a realistic first and third person, battle royal that takes place on an assortment of maps, all of which having different layouts and weather. While PUBG itself isn’t a very complex or hard game to learn, it is the gun play that takes a while to learn and start getting kills consistently. The only reason guns are difficult to use and especially master in PUBG is because of how realistic and difficult aiming and shooting an enemy is.

When you first start out playing PUBG it is going to be very difficult to get the hang of and it will especially take a long time to get your first win. Playing with a friend will definitely make the experience more fun, enjoyable, and easier to learn. Watching some basic videos on how PUBG works will also be very helpful to new players who have never played a FPS game. PUBG has many variables such as location, guns, ammo, and position are all key components to winning or getting kills in PUBG.

There are a few things in PUBG that are not like normal games, and for this reason you can die even when you have the advantage. The first thing you are going to notice when playing PUBG is that guns don’t spawn with ammo already in them, this means that you are going to have to get ammo then reload which is a bit of a pain especially when you first land. You are also going to want to make sure you never jump out of a vehicle while it is motion or else you will take a lot of damage or even die, these could be cars, bikes, and etc. Whenever you are trying to loot quickly or see details on a item or gun you should always press ‘tab’, doing this will speed up your looting and let you be ore precise when trying to grab something.

Another really helpful resource when trying to get better at PUBG is the Training game mode that allows for you to practice gun gameplay, driving, looting, and figuring out the physics of the game. The Training mode is a really helpful source for new players and allows for them to figure out their sensitivity and get a grasp of what the game is like. PUBG is a difficult game to master and will take a decent amount of time to get better and actually have a chance against the veterans that play the game.

PUBG is definitely worth the effort of trying to get better and learn how it works, it may take a while to figure out and may be frustrating but it will be fun when you get the hang of it. The player base for PUBG is also pretty large sitting at about 400,000 players everyday, this means you should always be able to get into a full game. You will run into your fare share of high level try-hards and low level noobs but as long as you put the time and effort into the game you will rack up wins and friends from this game.