A key part of Rust is raiding, it is a sign of power and sometimes weakness depending on the situation. Raiding is also a key source of getting items, whether that is resources, guns, armor, or even territory for some groups. There are plenty of ways to raid base, these range from rockets, to c4, and even spears for some bases it all depends on how the base is built and the layout.

When preparing to raid a base, you have to take a lot of stuff into consideration these things can vary such as. ( ‘R’ stands for Raid Target and ‘F’ Friendlies

  • Group Size (F & R)
  • Base location (F & R)
  • Size of Base (F & R)
  • Activity of the Area (R)
  • Activity of Players (F & R)
  • When to Raid (F)
  • Raid Base if needed (F)
  • Amount of Sulfur (F)

These are just some things that you should take into account or else the raid could go in the defenders favor which is not what you want to happen. Some of these things don’t always need to be taken into account though, such as the activity of the players that are the raid target, this may be because you are alright with a online raid or just don’t care. You can skip things that you don’t think are important but they can come back and bite you so you have to be careful and be prepared, don’t think just because you are good at the game you are able to win a 2 v 10.

A important thing that you should do is determine if you are raiding for profit in sulfur or just in materials or guns because this can change the entire raid. If you are just looking for materials and guns, you should just get a bunch of explosives and go ham, 50% of the time people lose raids because of the time it takes to raid, as long as you go fast and coordinated you will win most of your raids. If you are looking for profit and want to use only the minimum amount of explosives for a raid you are going to want to have a raid base with a turret if you don’t want a raid base that is completely up to you but it boosts your win rate almost double.

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