How to find a team or friends to hang or play with?

Rainbow Six Siege is a very team dependent game and many people who play the game usually don’t have a team which is why they end up at a low rank. This means that you are going to want a team at or a little above your skill level so you just as good as one another, you are also going to want to make sure the people you playing with are able to communicate and know call-outs or else it’s pointless.

There is a lot of ways to meet people who have the same interests as you and it doesn’t always have to be through the internet either, some ways to find and meet people is through the following.

  • Discord
  • Social Media
  • School
  • In-game
  • Communities (Ps4)
  • Apps (IOS)

These are just to name a few but there is almost an unlimited amount of ways to find and meet people, in my opinion Discord is pretty helpful and easy to use. Discord is very helpful since almost everybody has it nowadays, it allows for gamers to meet other gamers and maybe even become good friends in the process. Something you also have to do while trying to find people to play with is to be yourself, if you aren’t being real with your new friends they might not like it and stop playing with you.

If you’re a mean or rude person you most likely won’t find people to play with since being rude or mean isn’t looked for when finding a friend to play with. If you’re a mean person you might want to take counseling or get help of some kind, this won’t only help you find people to game with but also in your real life since people enjoy the company of a nice person rather than a mean person.

Overall if you want to make friends IRL or for gaming you need to show your true colors so they like you for who you are. You also never have to be really good at a game or sport to have friends, as long as you have a good personality and are nice to people, you can find friends any where who like the same hobbies you do.

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