How to install Shaders or Texture Packs in Minecraft

Minecraft can be a very bland and boring game when played for too long, but there is a couple ways that you can mix it up. Texture Packs and Shaders make the game a lot more appealing and exciting to play, they can also add a realism to a very cartoony game.

Texture Packs

Step 1

Open the “Minecraft Launcher”.

Step 2

Launch Minecraft and open “Options…”.

Step 3

Then click on the “Resource Packs…” option.

Step 4

In this menu you are able to enable and disable any texture pack you have in you resource pack folder. If you want to add a new texture pack you will have to press “Open resource pack folder”

Step 5

You will then want to find the Texture Pack you like and download it, after the Texture Pack is downloaded you have to drag the folder in to the Resource Pack Folder, after this you are able to close the folder. You may have to refresh the menu to see your texture pack load or show up at all.


While Texture Packs change each blocks textures and looks Shaders change the shading, weather, and depth of the game. If you want to apply Shaders to your game you are going to have to download Optifine for your version of Minecraft, after you do this step you then have to find your way to “Video Settings” in “Options..”.

Step 1

You will then click the “Shaders…” options.

Step 2

You will then follow the same steps as before but instead you will download a shader and put it in the Shaders Folders.

Step 3

Enjoy your new and fun Minecraft experience.

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