Aim is a essential part of most games, aim is also something that a lot of people lack in, it may come easier to others than it came to you but as long as you don’t have a physical limitation you are able to get as good as any other gamer. Like I said, some people are just gifted with their ability to be able to aim and click on peoples heads but for the rest of us we need to practice and train if we plan on getting any better. If you want to get any better with your aim there are plenty of ways and tactics that can help you progress with your aim and show noticeable changes.

Some of my favorite ways on getting better include spending a few bucks on a FPS training software, some of my favorite FPS trainers include Kovaaks 2.0, and AimLab. Kovaaks 2.0 is a FPS trainer known and loved by many, these players include current and former pros and your average player like me and you, this FPS training software is really helpful and lets you use a lot of different game modes for different skills and tasks that you want to do. Kovaaks 2.0 is also known for having pretty high FPS and having an assortment of different settings to help it feel like the game you are trying to get better at.

Kovaaks 2.0

Kovaaks 2.0 gives you plenty of options on what you want to practice like Clicking, Tracking, Reflexes, and much more. Kovaaks 2.0 has over 5,500 customizable different guided training, performance analysis, realistic physics, and more.

If you really want to improve your aim though, you are going to want to make sure you have a good routine and set of situations that you go through, on a daily or weekly basis. If you want to get a good routine to follow to improve quickly and actually progress and see a difference you are going to want to do some research or watch a couple videos. The video below is one I used to really get a good experience out of Kovaaks 2.0 and see changes in my gameplay.


Aim Lab and Kovaaks 2.0 are both basically the same thing but are built different from one another. Aim Lab in my opinion is setup more professionally than Kovaaks 2.0, it also has more accessories and extra game modes to help you learn how to aim better. Some of these things include Video Guides, and even events to play against other people, these make the FPS trainer better.

Aim Lab also allows for custom Aim Training courses and pre made courses made by the developers. All of the Aim Training courses are made for different things, it just depends on what you are trying to get better at. Aim Lab also gives you information on everything that you did right and wrong during a course, like your accuracy, amount of time per shot, your overall score on all course, and etc.

In the end, all of these FPS trainers are worth buying, it just depends on what you are trying to train for and how much money you would like to spend if any. Kovaaks 2.0 is sitting at $10 US and Aim Lab on the other hand is free so you can pick and choose which one you want. Both AimLab and Kovaaks 2.0 are good trainers, so either way you are going to get something out of it.

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