Among Us is an online multiplayer game that is taken place in space or in orbit, depending on your map of choice. In Among Us you play as either a crew mate or an imposter, while the crew mates do tasks to keep the ship up and running the imposter is running around trying to kill people onboard, the imposter can use vents, doors, and can even sabotage certain pieces of the ship. The main goal of the imposter is to kill all the people onboard while the objective of the crew mates is to not die, vote off the imposter, or to do all the tasks.

Who is the Imposter?

The imposter or imposters are randomly picked out of all the people in the lobby, this means it can be someone different every round or that same person every round if your lucky. The imposter gets a couple different abilities that crew mates don’t have these include.

  • Can go into vents
  • Can sabotage equipment
  • Can close doors
  • Can kill people
  • Can report (crew mates can too)
  • Can call a Emergency meeting (crew mates can too)
  • Can check Security Cameras (crew mates can too)

Going into vents or venting as it is called is a key part of being the imposter, there are vents all around the map that connect to each other, the imposers are able to use them to travel quickly around the map but be careful where you pop out at. Sabotaging can also be really helpful if you want to get away with a murder, you are able to sabotage lights, reactor, communications, and oxygen some of these things can win you the game, the sabotages that just affect the efficiency of the players are lights and communications. Sabotaging reactor, communications, lights, and oxygen requires people to go reactivate them, this gives you time to kill someone and relocate away from the body.

Who are the crew mates?

As a crew mate you only have a few things to do these include doing tasks, turning off major sabotages like Reactor and Oxygen, and voting people off. These all seem like pretty simple things but you can die very easily if you do one mistake. Some things a crew mate can do include the following.

  • Can report bodies
  • Can call Emergency meeting
  • Can do tasks
  • Can check security cameras

When a imposter sabotages the reactor two crew mates will have to scan their hands at two different locations. Reactivating oxygen requires two people to put in two different codes that are given to you in two different location. To reactivate Communications you have to go to Communications and you can restore them by just adjusting a dial to match two wavelengths on a monitor. If you want to fix lights you have to go to the electric room and flip some switches on a breaker. This is everything you can do as imposter but you have to be careful, if your the imposter you don’t get tasks so you have to act like you are doing tasks otherwise you will be suspicious and may get voted out.


The Skeld

The Skeld is the first Among Us map, and it is taken place on a spaceship

Mira HQ

Mira HQ is the second map of Among Us and is taken place in the atmosphere of Earth


Polus is the third map in Among Us and is taken place on the planet Polus

All of these maps are different in their own ways but they all relatively have the same systems, tasks, and locations. Some of these locations that are on all of these maps include.

  • Reactor
  • Medbay
  • Electrical
  • O2
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Storage
  • Admin

Tips on how to win


  • Make friends or a buddy to stick with
  • Do your tasks (don’t sit around)
  • Don’t follow people
  • Make sure you have an alibi
  • Know your way around the map


  • Fake tasks properly
  • Kill immune people immediately
  • Act like a crew mate
  • Talk first, don’t be shy
  • Try to do Vent multi kills
  • Pretend to be Afk

These following tips might just help your team win wether you are imposter a crew mate. You just have to remember you can trust no one except for yourself. Don’t try to make yourself the target or say unimportant information because it might lead to your ejection.